Gymnastics for kids

Gymnastics for kids

The 2016 Rio Summer Olympics is near, so let�s examine probably the most followed athlete inside the sport discipline.
Japanese gymnast KoheiUchimurahas possibly becoming the very first male gymnast in 4 decades to win consecutive Olympic all-around titles in Rio. However, asia athlete insisted that his most critical priority isn't to accomplish personal glory, but to win the Olympic Team Gold.

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At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the 27-year-old artistic gymnast achieved the silver medal in the all-around event, after which 4 years later, he finally achieved the gold medal inside the 2012 London Olympics.
This past year, Uchimura makes the historical past within the sport of gymnastics after successfully achieving an archive sixth consecutive world title, a feat that was never done before by gymnast (female or male). In the upcoming Summer Rio Olympics, Uchimura is especially regarded as the gymnast which will get to be the first winner of consecutive gold medals inside the Olympics. The said feat was initially achieved by the Japanese gymnast Sawao Kato from the 1972 Olympics in Munich.
Having this world team title with the Glasgow World Championships recently from a 37-year drought granted one of Uchimura�s aspiration, however he seeks to achieve the same in the Olympics.
�I glance at the individual all-around isn�t something I should even think about until following your team event,� Uchimura told Reuters immediately after his work out in Tokyo.
"All I can take into consideration is the amount I need a group gold. That's everything."
Japan consecutively won the group gold at five successive Olympics from 1960 to 1976 nonetheless it took them until the 2004 Olympics in Athens before they could climb onto the top podium again.
In the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics, they�ve been placed second to China, whose risky moves often outdo greater cautious approach of Japan.
The 27-year-old Japanese gymnast recognizes China as their strongest rival, accompanied by the usa and Great Britain. Uchimura insisted that Japan had to step outside their comfortable zone to own team title in Rio and the amount of perfection they presented within the 2004 Olympics.
"The impossibility of Japanese routines wasn't all the way to China's but we've emphasized perfection, that's, I do think, why they won in Athens, that is certainly something I believe we need to continue," said Uchimura, who to date will be the only gymnast guaranteed a team place for Rio.
"We'll raise our difficulty level a bit, however think it's advisable as we emphasize perfection... We should instead aim for beauty and perfection."
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